5 Things Dermatologists Will Never Put On Their Skin




In Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, women applied lemon juice to their faces, and bathed in sour milk. They had already discovered the benefits of fruit acids. Depending on the acid used, AHAs or fruit acids can moisturize, exfoliate, provide anti-inflammatory and healing action, lighten, tone, even purify the skin, making it smoother and younger. Tests have shown that an AHA concentration of 10% can cause an increase in cell renewal by 34%. For home use, fruit acids are usually found in lower concentrations — usually no more than 10-12%. Deep acid peels can only be administered by a physician. Fruit acids work by penetrating several layers of the dermis, stimulating the body’s healing mechanisms to produce more collagen and skin cells. The deeper the peel, the more significant the downtime which in some of the strongest cases can include red inflamed skin and peeling, sometimes blistering. Deep Peels should only be done only occasionally , allowing time for the skin to heal in between treatments and only under the watchful eye of a trained physician. The problem arises when one is constantly using strong acids on their skin on a daily basis; this may trigger an unremitting cycle of skin inflammation that does more harm than good for the skin. Regular peeling also strips the skin of its protective mantle rendering it more photosensitive. In some cases, your skin may even respond with hyperpigmentation known as Post-inflamatory hyperpigmentation— your skin produces more not less pigment as a response to the constant assault by the fruit acids.


TRY: Light acids when applied regularly can keep complexions unburdened with dead cells and debris, leaving them fresh and clean. Try Sleeping Peel, a light controlled release fruit acid serum that can be used nightly for minimizing pores, lines and discolouration.

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Whatever suntanning oil you are using to protect your skin and give you a bronze goddess glow, know that you are doing more harm than good for your skin. Researchers in one study (Gause & Chauhan, 2016) found that natural oils are not suitable UV-blocking ingredients. They measured the UV absorptivity of aloe vera, canola oil, citronella oil, coconut oil, olive oil and soya bean oil and found that all of them did virtually nothing when it came to blocking UV. They concluded that their SPF would be very close to 1. This effectively means that these ingredients will do nothing to prevent reddening.


Try: Our verdict is on maximal sun protection all year long. For a tint of colour, we recommend BB cream, a SPF 30 protection in a medicated base to ward off pimples and pigment at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!

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Collagen is the term for a group of proteins which play an important role in human connective tissue. These large protein molecules are derived from subunits of tropocollagen. Tropcollagen is an interesting molecule in that its’ molecular structure models its’ physical property of elasticity.

However, as skin is an effective barrier to small molecules such as water under most conditions, large collagen molecules found in most skincare cannot be absorbed. It seems to me that applying collagen on the skin to make it more “springy” is a little like trying to respring on old bed by throwing a bag of springs on the bedspread. At best, collagen creams are expensive moisturisers.


Try: Serious about boosting the collagen in your skin? Collagen-stimulators such as Dream Sculpture are microinjections of Sculptra that encourage your skin to slowly grow collagen in the subsequent months. Most women notice improvements in lines, facial elasticity and suppleness, all without even a dollop of collagen cream!

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The placenta is full of iron-rich blood cells, vitamins, minerals, fats, and antibodies. A placenta cream is touted to use stem cells from a sheep’s placenta to boost collagen and tighten skin. But science does  not actually back the claims of the manufacturer. In fact, newspapers seem to share this derision.

“The sheep placentas are by-products of the meat and wool industry that would normally be thrown away. Instead, at lambing time, farmers all over New Zealand collect them, pocket the money and presumably laugh themselves silly over stupid, rich and vain women who want to smear sheep placenta over themselves in an effort to turn back time.” – Daily Mail

Scientists, similarly are unenthusiastic and say that there must be more testing before any conclusions can be drawn. A placenta facial may have some good moisturisers in it, they say, but the collagen part of the placenta is essentially worthless. Collagen molecules, which can help make skin look younger, are too big to work when applied topically. They need to be injected.


Try: Technology has overtaken the good old sheep. If you want to give your skin that enviable glow, rejuvenate your skin cells with science not sheep. Illumifacial is one of the hybrid facials that uses infra-red light to boost skin health and firmness but in a facial setting. Ardent followers of this red carpet facial available at The Sloane Clinic say one session is all they need to see the difference. What’s more? No sheep are harmed in the course of this facial!

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It’s a myth that vitamin E will make scars fade. In fact, there’s little evidence to support this claim. Talk to your surgeon or dermatologist if you have concerns about the appearance of a scar. There are many options for improving the appearance of scars, including laser treatments.


Try: The fastest way to get rid of scars is to get them treated as soon as possible. New research shows that pulsed dye lasers applied to surgical scars as soon as they were healed looked better than those left for a few months. Scars of different ages need different TLC. The Sloane Clinic offers Scar Care program to help new scars heal expeditiously and Scar Correction Program to fade old scars. Whatever the age of your scar, don’t let it grow old a lonely, untreated scar.

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