Beauty Diary of Chloe’s Nose Job, Part I


My name is Chloe. I’m 27 this year. I have never been a confident girl, preferring to keep to myself. At parties, I’m always at the side, and never the one who will initiate conversation with others. Part of this is just my personality, yet I know part of this is because I was never confident with how I look.

When I was young, classmates called me “ four-eyed pig nose”: I was short-sighted from 7 years old, and needed spectacles to read the words on the blackboard. Later on, I decided to use contact lenses, so that solved the 4 eyes part.


Chloe front side


My nose is flat, wide and small, with big nostrils. Needless to say, I have never liked my nose. Who would find a “pig nose” adorable? I have never been confident with how I look as a result. I always think people are staring at my pig nose when they see my face, so I always take care to look downwards, to make my nostrils less obvious.

This is my journey: my transformation towards a new nose, and a new me. You may wonder why a shy girl like me will want to share such a personal experience, and tell everyone I had nose surgery: the reason is because, I hope that through my experience, other girls who are have the same problems as me can relate, and also understand what the process of going through rhinoplasty is like.




Chloe Rhino side Transform 2


I have been thinking about getting a nose job for the longest time.  The Korean before-after pictures are simply amazing, and I think it will really change my life. I have tried non-invasive treatments – fillers to make the nose bridge and tip higher. What you see in the picture above, is actually already with Restylane Fillers, injected 6 months ago. I had the injections 3 times, and they last about 6-9 months, but I really wanted a more permanent solution, and a better one. With fillers, my nose is still flat, and still not attractive.

To undergo plastic surgery is a very big step for me. I have thought about it for a very long time, and delayed it over and over again, but this time, I finally decided that if I want to make a difference in my life, I need to take that step out of my comfort zone. After researching on the internet, and asking my friends, I decided to go for a consultation with Dr Tan Ying Chien at The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre. What I really wanted to do is to find out if a nose implant can help to make my nose better.



Dr Tan Ying Chien is an experienced plastic surgeon with a lot of experience in face and body surgery. It was really easy to talk to him because he understood my problems. He was understanding, patient, and took time to explain to me what my options were.

Honestly, the consultation did not go according to what I expected. I wanted to have a simple nose implant, to make my nose bridge and tip higher. However, Dr Tan pointed out that my flat nose is not the only problem: my nose is in fact very short, and upturned.


chloe nose doctor analysis


A simple implant will not solve all my problems. The wide base will also require more surgery to make smaller. It threw me off slightly, because Dr Tan now gave me 2 options which I can consider:


Option 1: Simple Nose Implant

The first option is to stick with my original plan to have just a simple nose implant I’ve read so much about. Dr Tan explained to me that this is a L-shaped silicone implant which is cleverly inserted via a small incision through the nostril, and this will help to make the nose bridge and tip higher.

chloe nose implant


This is a great option for people who already have a relatively nice nose, but just want it higher. For me, that will translate into a higher nose, but I will still be Miss Piggy with a sharper snout.


Option 2: Allure-K Rhinoplasty

This is where is begins to get interesting…and much more complicated. Dr Tan pointed out to me that the length of my nose is too short: something I knew, but could never quite pinpoint. The short nose with the upturned round nose tip and wide nose base is what gives me my “pig nose”!! These are problems which a simple implant is insufficient to solve satisfactorily and safely, because height is not the only problem here. The whole architecture of my nose is in need of a make-over!


allure-k rhinoplasty


So in my case, Dr Tan suggests doing the Allure-K Rhinoplasty, which is, in essence, an open nose job that’s responsible for the enviable Asian barbie noses of the K-Pop stars. This total nasal makeover will push my “hidden” columellar (the middle of the nose perpendicular to the lip) downwards for a more ideal side nasal profile. On top of this, a silicone implant will give the nose bridge the necessary height and definition, plus a cartilage graft (from my ear) at the nose tip to refine the tip and lengthen the nose, making it look more delicately and naturally pointed.


chloe nose cartilage graft


To perfect the frontal picture, an alarplasty will solve the issue of my wide, flared nostrils.

chloe nose alarplasty


Finally, Dr Tan also pointed out that besides my nose, my chin is another key area which I can improve on. Right now, it is too short and recessed. A chin implant will allow my facial proportions to be more balanced and more beautiful. A trip to the orthodontist’s to get my protruding overbite fixed with either braces or the latest Invisalign would be another major makeover project to consider as well. But for now, I will take baby steps and concentrate on my nose first!



Needless to say I was quite petrified when Dr Tan explained this to me. The open nose surgery will have to be done under sedation, and take 3 times as long to do compared to a simple nose transplant. I took some time to look at my photos again, and use photoshop to imagine what an open nose surgery with implant, cartilage graft, alarplasty, and possibly a chin implant can do for me, and this is what I came up with:

chloe nose simulation


After Dr Tan’s detailed explanation, it was not too difficult to come to a decision. Dr Tan wants the best for his patients, and it was very obvious that he felt that Option 2 would be the much better choice for me. And YES, I told him that’s my decision (double confirmed!), and made an appointment next week for my surgery.

The big day is 27 Jul 2015. I am so excited, but totally freaked out at the same time! A big “Thank you” to anyone who wished me good luck… I will update my progress as it goes along.


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Chloe is 27, and a mother of one adorable little girl and a tiny yorkshire terrier. She enjoys cooking, singing and watching korean drama in her free time, which she says are getting scarcer with each passing day. 


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