Dating Tips – 5 First Date Flops to Avoid


Undeniably, first impressions count.  Whether you are a guy or a gal, these first date fiascos should be avoided at all cost, especially if you want to see the light of a follow-up date.

While seasoned couples may relish in farting in each other’s faces, this is a territory solely reserved for those comfortably entrenched in long term relationships.  First dates are occasions when you should put your best foot (and face) forward, not scare the bejesus out of each other. So hold that fart and read on…


426Nothing kills the passion like a whiff of garlic breath. Its time to get rid of the odour and entice with minty fresh breath.

Try: Any OTC mouthwash will do the trick. I recommend CB12 Mint-Menthol Mouthwash  for its long lasting effects. Keep a packet of fresh mints in your pocket and pop one before your meeting.

Avoid foods such as garlic and onions when having a meal together, and always rinse your mouth by drinking lots of water throughout the date.


425A smile can speak a thousand words, and stained teeth speaks of neglect and poor personal hygiene. F you a heavy smoker or a coffee addict, make sure you pay special attention to the state of your teeth.

Try: Whitening toothpaste can sometimes do the trick. If you want something with more visible results, try iWhite teeth whitening kit.

For more severe cases, consider going to the dentist for a session of teeth polishing to get your pearly whites back on their feet.


515You want your personality to shine not your face. Certainly, zits are an inevitable part of life. But if you find yourself plagued by a zit attack on the eve of your big day, take drastic action.

Try: Apply a thin layer of zit cream such as Soap & Glory’s Super strength breakout clearing gel. If your skin looks like an oil spill, mop up excess shine with Sloane Inc. Clarity serum. If you have a unsightly lesion the size of a volcano, consider getting a cortisone shot into the zit to get it settled in 24 hours.


It is nerve-wrecking to be on a first date but you don’t have to show it. Watch your hands and feet, and avoid unnecessary motions and twitches that will distract your date.

Try: Keep your hands on your lap, and your feet firmly planted on the ground to maintain a calm demeanour. Sit nd stand with your back straight and chest out, and avoid slouching. When you exude confidence, you will naturally feel condident. Slow your breathing down and just be yourself.


There is so much you want to say, but it is always wise not to dominate the conversation on the first date. Perhaps you are worried about awkward silences, but resist the temptation to fill every silence with words, especially words about yourself.

Try: Give your date a chance to speak, and instead, be a good listener. That way, you will come across as someone who is genuinely interested in the other person.


– By Lily Tomiko


*This article has been selected Editor’s Choice for Jan 2014*