I Had Revitalift And Chin Fillers Done


Life is a balancing act. Between work, relationships, community duties, staying fit and personal fulfillment, it’s a wonder how most of us can even find time to catch our breath. But when life gets so hectic, the stress of it all begins to impact on the health of our skin and how we look. Realising this, I decided to make matters into my own hands and ‘put my best face forward’.
On the advice of my close friends, I decided to visit one of the top aesthetic clinics in Singapore discuss options on facial enhancement. My face was put through a thorough assessment by Low Chai Ling, medical director of The Sloane Clinic; The Sloane Clinic had been awarded “Best Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore” by Tatler. Dr Low with her confident yet cheery personality immediately set my mind at ease with her expertise and competency. Below are my beauty woes:



Dr. Low has pointed out that my dark eye circles made me appear fatigued despite my reassurances that I had adequate shuteye every night. Many women have the misconception that lack of sleep causes dark circles under the eyes, but Dr. Low patiently dispelled that notion. “Dark circles under the eyes develop due to the several reasons such as loss of collagen of the peri-orbital skin, leading to thinning of the skin layers, and visibility of the blush veins that show through. In other cases, this can be accompanied by slight hollowness of the underage area which develops with age, adding to the overall darkened appearance.”

In most cases, the main culprits are hereditary factors, allergies and the general process of ageing rather than the lack of sleep. Of course, getting adequate rest and having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t hurt either.

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My complexion too, is in need of a professional resuscitation. I definitely need a short cut to a glowing complexion. I haven’t had a chance to rejuvenate my complexion for a long time because of my hectic lifestyle. Dr Low suggested that I undergo Rejuran DNA Resurgence, which delivers DNA extracts to my skin, helping it to heal and regenerate in a healthier fashion. At first, the thought of multiple micro-injections scared me, but when I heard that PDRN or Polydeoxyribomucleotide was used initially to improve the healing of skin graft patients, I really wanted to try it. I have only tried facials all my life, and seen limited improvement to my complexion. This time, I was determined to make a real change to my skin.

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Finally, Dr Low suggested that I enhance the V shape profile of my face with a small amount of chin fillers placed just at the tip of my chin. While I am still young, so my face isn’t very sagging or heavyset, I have always wanted to have a slimmer and sharper profile. Initially i wanted to go for Botox to slim down my jaw, but Dr Low advised against it, as she felt it may make me look too gaunt. Furthermore, according to Dr Low, wearing braces has made my chin look receded. Thus chin fillers could help enhance my profile and optimise my facial proportions from the front and the side. After taking careful measurements of my face, she suggested that we enhance my existing facial shape with some chin fillers. I leapt at the chance to have a sharper face!



Before the treatment started, I had numbing cream applied for 10 minutes. Then Dr low started with Revitalift under-eyes to revive tired-looking eyes. This involved one to two small injections on each side of my undereye area. The injections were close to painless, and before I knew it, it was over.

Then she moved to improving my complexion with Rejuran DNA Resurgence. She worked swiftly but meticulously, placing micro droplets of DNA extracts into my skin with super tiny injections. The injections were not painful but there were more of them than for my undereye, presumably to cover my entire face. I think after about 15-20 little injections to distribute the product, it was over. The nurses was very helpful with ice packs and soothing touches which really help alleviate my anxiety. This took about 10 minutes.

Finally, Dr Low moved on to my chin. She used a chin filler and injected it into a carefully marked out point on my chin. There was only one injection at this point. I could feel this injection a little more than the rest but it wasn’t painful either. In less than a minute, this was over.

Antibiotic ointment and arnica cream to prevent bruising was then expertly massaged into my face, followed by s soothing cool face mask. I was warned about the usual side effects of pin prick marks and bruising though I wasn’t too worried about either as I feel they can always be concealed.

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There were some mild pin prick marks for the first 1-2 days which subsided by the third day! I loved the way my skin felt and most of all, the fact that my dark eye circles have almost vanished! And most of all, I love my new chin which gave me a shapely V-shape look which I have always wanted. Dr Low advised my to repeat my Rejuran DNA Resurgence for my complexion every 2 weeks for 6 sessions to maintain the fairness and suppleness it imparted my skin. Judging by the “likes” on my instagram page, I am definitely going to!



For more details on The Sloane Clinic, please visit www.sloaneclinic.com

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– By Serena Chiam