SKIN Mag Tips – 5 ways to Detox this New Year


Now that the party is finally over, here are 5 sensible, gimmick-free ways that you can engage in to help you to cleanse your system, burn off those roast potatoes, celebratory booze and other festive indulgences, and put spring back into your step.



472The liver is chiefly responsible for cleansing the body of toxins that pollute the system and erode our well-being. It is also a key player in our body’s digestive system. Hence, it is essential to support and protect the function of the liver to obtain internal spring clean.

The key element of any liver-friendly programme is a diet that reduces the workload of this vital organ. Let’s start with abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only these foods tend not to tax the liver, they also contain essential nutrients such as Vitamin C and carotenoids, which support liver function. Being organic is even better as it is relatively free of potentially harmful pesticides and herbicides. Experts also recommend the juice of a half a lemon in warm water first thing in the morning is an excellent wake up call for the liver. Cut down on foods, which have high content of fat or protein, as they require relatively higher chemical processing in the liver.

Another excellent way to detox this New Year is to put the wine and champagne glasses back into the cellar – laying off alcohol can reduce your toxic load by half to greatly lower the burden of your liver, as well as cut vast amount of extra calories.



Ensuring proper bowel function helps to cleanse the body internally. If your bowels are on the sluggish side, chances are that toxins accumulated will be absorbed from the large bowel back into the blood stream.

Fibre is essential for healthy bowel movements. Opt for fibre found naturally in oats, fresh fruits and vegetables. If your colon needs a gentle push, try detox tea containing natural herbs and powerful antioxidants such as white tea, mineral blends and vitamins. We love the Sloane Inc Detox Tea, a sugar-free, low-cal, all-natural brew that boosts your metabolism for faster fat-burning at the same time.



Drinking plenty of water the ideal way to flush your system, especially after partying as it quenches your dehydrated body. Water is also necessary for regular and smooth bowel movements. Experts recommend drinking about 2 litres of filtered or still water a day to increase energy level and improve brain function. Keep a pitcher by your workstation and sip throughout the day!



Thirty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a day will help you to get rid of those excess Christmas pounds. In average, a person can consume up to 7,000 calories on Christmas Day .Yes! You heard me right – the amount that’s three and a half times the recommended daily intake for a woman. Well, you don’t have to fast for a fortnight or hit the gym every day to atone your festive sins. Many toxic elements are being excreted through sweat. So if you are up for gym session, why not check out if your local gym has a sauna that you can sit in and relax.

Virtually, any forms of activities, from aerobics to yoga, increases your overall health and sense of well-being as it pumps up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters called endorphins. So instead of watching reruns of The Walking Dead, get your family off the ouch and out for a stroll together!




Aside from pumping yourself up with water, endorphins-generating activities and beauty sleep, take a second to pop some vitamins! Replenish your system with nutrients that might have been depleted from all the carousals. Taking multi-vitamins can help improve your skin, hair, mood and well-being too!


– By Jennifer Wu


*This article has been selected Article of the Month for Jan 2015*